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totally worth the wait!

Over the course of Claudette's career as a notary they have had the pleasure to assist many families with the process of adoption. This includes both Domestic and international adoption. Most recently Claudette assisted a family with an international adoption of a child in the county of Ghana., the couple shared that the process can take around 2 to 7 years! Yup 2 to 7 years........why?????? The process is a disgrace. Not only are the soon to be parents hurting -let's think about the children that have to deal with the waiting process.

The time frame for an international adoption varies on how long a family waits to get matched or placed but one thing is for sure – the waiting period is extensive! Other families have stated that the biggest reason for the wait is the process. The adopting family must provide a lot of documents to assist with the adoption process. The adoptee is required to produce a lot if supporting documents to show that they are fit to adopt a child. Once all the documents are approved each page may need to be notarized.

Why does it take so long?? – it shouldn’t take as long as it does! But it’s totally worth the wait!

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