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I Still Got It....

One Hot Summer day in July I received a phone call from a women requesting my services to assist her father who is currently in hospice care. Which meant it needed to sooner than later. That particular day I was not booked up, so I provided her with a time frame and she was in fine with it. When I arrived to this very well manicured yard lake view home I found the women who contacted me was awaiting my arrival on the front patio. She gave me a brief description of her father situation on the way to the room that he occupied. We did a small session of practice run to over his signature. After a few tries we where good to go. I chatted with him a bit before I headed out to continue on with my day, but before I left he grabbed my hand and thanked me for my assistance, and ended with that I still got it wink.

So I'm saying all this to say, you never know someone situation and how you can be that someone who could bring just a little light to their situation.
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